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Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

At Sierra Gateway Dental, we understand that the cost of root canal treatment may deter you from seeking timely care. Delaying treatment could lead to tooth extraction instead of preservation. As a compassionate endodontist in Bethesda, we strive to make root canal therapy affordable, ensuring you receive the necessary care without risking tooth loss.

A root canal is a common procedure that saves natural teeth, preventing the need for dental implants or bridges. The treatment involves removing infected pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves at the center of the tooth. Infections can result from tooth trauma, deep decay, cracks, or repeated dental procedures. Symptoms include visible injury, swelling, temperature sensitivity, and tooth/gum pain.

When dental infections or decay reach the tooth’s pulp chamber, root canals become necessary. Such infections can destroy the nerves within the tooth, eventually causing it to die. Previously, tooth extraction was the only solution. Thanks to dental technology, Dr. Atul karia can now save your tooth, even in severe infection cases.

Same-Day and Weekend Emergency Visits Toothaches, sensitivity, and gum tenderness are common signs of infected root canals. It’s crucial to seek prompt professional dental treatment to save the tooth. While home remedies may temporarily relieve pain, they won’t address the underlying issue. Our experienced dentists will ensure your comfort by administering local anesthesia before the procedure. After removing the infected pulp and nerves, the root canal is cleaned and filled to prevent reinfection. Dr. Samad will cap the tooth for added protection, and some sensitivity may be experienced during the healing process.

Don't Ignore Infection Symptoms!

Ignoring root canal infection symptoms can lead to tooth loss. Missing teeth can cause bite problems, tooth shifting, and jawbone deterioration. However, with a success rate of 95%, root canals offer an effective solution to preserve your tooth and prevent future dental issues. Our dentists at Sierra Gateway Dental are committed to saving your tooth, and the earlier you seek treatment, the better the outcome.

Emergency Dental Care Available 24/7

At Sierra Gateway Dental, we prioritize your dental well-being. In case of dental emergencies, including severe pain, our dedicated team provides 24/7 support. Contact us at 909-886-8900, and we will schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.

Choose Sierra Gateway Dental for affordable root canal therapy and exceptional emergency dental care. Don’t delay treatment – let us help you preserve your tooth and maintain your oral health for a lifetime.

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